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Case Studies

Case Study 1: Accelerated Team Development and Metrics
Case Study 2:  EI, Executive Coaching and Leadership Development
Case Study 3: EI, Coaching and Team Development
Case Study 4: EI and Organizational Impact

Case Study 1: Accelerated Team Development and Metrics

In mid-2011, a major global manufacturer retained VMC to work with a group assigned to perform a critical function within the company.  Group members were intelligent and technically savvy, yet their limited emotional intelligence skills were keeping them from engaging effectively as a team.

Following an assessment, the VMC coach recommended a two-part approach, combining facilitated team sessions with executive coaching for the VP leading the team.

As new skills were introduced and practiced, healthy behaviors became the rule, not the exception. The group was becoming a more cohesive team, and its great strides were affirmed in the results of the organization's annual Employee Engagement Survey using the Gallup Q-12.

The team's 2011 results showed a significant 34.4% improvement over the 2010 results.Both leader and team credited their engagement with VMC as the key contributor to their success.

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Case Study 2:  EI, Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

A talented leader was referred to Vernal Management Consultants, LLC last year. He demonstrated great potential, is technically competent and very bright. In a conversation with his boss, however, it was clear that John had challenges in his relationships with others. He had opportunities in communication with staff, peers and direct reports.

We began our work together with an ei360 Assessment. The feedback report was difficult.  In nearly every category, John's perception of himself was significantly higher than the feedback from others. For example, John assessed his level of competency in Impulse Control at 80% while his direct reports scored him at 33%. Comments included:

"Be less tense, mindful of your tone, less judgmental…control your mood swings, manage your anger."

Once John and I completed his Action Plan, we met with his boss to discuss. His boss was supportive and willing to offer candid feedback. John was fully committed to the coaching process.

As time went on, it became apparent that John was making changes in his communication; he was managing his emotions and he was creating more opportunities for his direct reports to be included in decision making, genuinely listening to their input and respecting differences.

By the end of the year, the changes that John made were evident to everyone on his team.  While there were anecdotal comments about John's shift, we invited  his original raters to offer feedback in a modified online assessment. The questions were crafted to specifically address the concerns expressed in his original 360 assessment.

In every area, his raters offered feedback that 8 and above, on a 10 point scale. Comments included:

"The new John is 95% different than the old John. I actually enjoy working with him now…John has definitely shown great improvement in his communication style as well as in his ability to manage his emotions better. He takes his time to react and often times, seeks the view-points of others before verbalizing his opinion...More deliberate, listens better, fewer quick emotional reactions, clear communication."

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Case Study 3: EI, Coaching and Team Development

In 2005, Vernal Management Consultants, LLC was invited to work with a leadership team in an international organization. Members of the team include: European, Asian and Latin American countries, as well as the United States. Prior to our engagement, the dynamics on the team were toxic and hostile at best.

After a number of facilitated conversations with the team to gauge their desire and commitment to change, Vernal Management Consultants, LLC provided EI Education, Assessment and One on One Coaching. For the last number of years we have introduced EI education to new team members and provided assessment and coaching for both new members and tenured members of the team who wanted to continue their leadership development.

Below is a graph that illustrates the changes that this leadership team has made. Each EI competency is reflected in the graph. 2011 was clearly a banner year for this team's development.

Vernal Management Consultants bar chart

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Case Study 4: EI Leadership and Organizational Development

In 2010 and 2011, Vernal Management Consultants, LLC engaged in a significant project with large city government health department. Our team provided EI Education; Assessment and Coaching for forty managers and six executives.

In addition, two VMC consultants facilitated a number of off-site retreats for the Executive Team over the course of one year. The focus was on team dynamics, decision making and congruent, consistent communication into the organization.

With the approval of the Common Council and federal dollars for development, Vernal Management Consultants, LLC began working with the leaders and managers for the Milwaukee Health Department.

Outcome: Based on third party interviews, the individual leadership competencies of the managers and executives were significantly strengthened; the executives were demonstrating cohesive messaging throughout the organization and the overall emotional intelligence competencies for executives and managers was strengthened.

The Health Commissioner offered these words to our team:

"….please know that your collective efforts have truly transformed our organization and enhanced the leadership skills of our employees. What's more, VMC achieved this with infectious enthusiasm, impeccable listening skills and extraordinary compassion….."

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