photo of Tim Savino

Favorite Quote
“Leading is easy;
the hard part is getting people to follow.”

Yogi Berra
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Tim Savino

Accomplished Organizational Development professional with over 30 years of experience consulting in a broad variety of business settings, including manufacturing, research, government and service environments.

Creates a future vision by involving others
Committed to helping others learn about self, self in relationship to others, and in relationship to the organizational systems that they lead and work within. Grounded in the principles and practices of lifelong learning and business partnership with particular interest and expertise in executive coaching, organizational learning, human/team dynamics, process consultation, and large conference design & facilitation. Believes individuals are moved to action when they are drawn towards a vision of the future that they co-create and one that is focused on possibilities and opportunities versus simply “problems to be solved.”

What Our Clients Say About Tim
“With concrete tools and examples, Tim has shown me how to listen more to others and personally reflect on my actions and how I am perceived by others as a leader. These skills should be used not only at work, but throughout each aspect of my life.”

Dave Chaudier, Vice President
Aurora St. Luke's Hospital

Accreditations/Honors/Professional & Community Involvement

  • Emotional Intelligence Coach/Trainer through the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP)
  • American Red Cross, Disaster Assistance Team Leader
  • Emergency Medical Technician, Menomonee Falls Fire Department
  • Master Stained Glass Craftsman

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