photo of Kim Ebinger

Favorite Quote
“We are what we
repeatedly do.”

- Aristotle
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Kim Ebinger

Action oriented leadership coach, over 30 years experience in for profit and non profit organizations, dedicated to helping individuals and teams become more responsive, agile and innovative.

Believes that awareness about the way we see the world determines the way we behave in it
Works with teams on issues of trust and conversational competency, facilitates dialogue that addresses underlying concerns that limit growth and innovation, co-creates systems of accountability that support progress toward individual and organizational goals. Customizes coaching by drawing from her wide range of resources and expertise.

What Our Clients Say About Kim
“As I traveled along my journey to being a better leader, Kim helped me appreciate all that I embody already and made me realize that what the organization needed most was for me to be myself, not try to fit into some mold. Her patient support as she coached me through some very challenging situations helped me establish a more centered focus, allowing me to bring my best self to my work and at home.”


Accreditations/Honors/Professional & Community Involvement

  • ACC certified coach through the International Coaching Federation and Newfield Network
  • Emotional Intelligence Coach/Trainer through the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP)
  • Graduate of the Foundations Course through The Institute for Generative Leadership
  • Trained facilitator with the Zeidler Center for Public Dialogue

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